Exam Week Survival Kit


In honor of mid-year exams and Regents Week, here are some studying/survival helpers:

  1. Headphones and Speakers – for when a dance party is 100% necessary, or to get you in a studying zone. Head over to 8tracks for some awesome focus playlists! Pictured: UrbanEars and Bose SoundLink Color Speaker.
  2. TEA – this spiced chai tea from Trader Joe’s is perfect to keep you cozy and awake all night.
  3. A good concealer – since you were awake all night studying, thanks to the tea!
  4. Face mask – treat yourself and keep your skin healthy when the cramming is done. Pictured: Lush Cosmetics’ Mask of Magnaminty
  5. Nail Polish – a fun study break activity that’ll keep you looking cute. Pictured: Odema Nail Color.
  6. Pens – never underestimate the power of a good, ink-flow pen to keep your notes looking neat and pretty. Plus, Signo Uni-Ball donates part of their sales to breast cancer research when you buy their pink pens.
  7. Candle – a calming smell like Verbana & Eucalyptus by Paddywax creates a better learning atmosphere.
  8. A good book! – books are excellent to turn to for a quick escape. Travels With Charley will take you all over the United States with John Steinbeck and his French poodle. An excellent, enlightening read.

Good luck on all your upcoming exams!


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